Cyberattacks: How to worry less about this major risk to your business

Cyberattacks: How to worry less about this major risk to your business

Does the fear of a cyberattack keep you up at night? Well, you’re not alone. It’s the number one worry of business owners around the world.

A Bank of England survey revealed recently that the risk of cyberattack is the primary concern of financial companies. It’s not just money that the cyber criminals want to access, it’s valuable, sensitive information too.

And that threat’s evolving constantly, with new risks emerging all the time. Cyber criminals continually develop new ways to outsmart security systems and steal valuable data. These security breaches can cause irreparable damage to businesses, and some businesses never recover from it.

Whilst relatively new technologies like cloud computing, SaaS, IoT and AI have brought huge benefits to businesses, they bring with them greater cyber risks too. Then of course, users pose a threat too, either through malicious acts or human error. After all, 94% of cyberattacks using malware are delivered via email.

Why worry about cyber threats?

Is the huge concern about cybersecurity justified? What’s the worst that can happen? The key critical reasons include:

Cost: cyberattacks, including ransomware, can lead to huge financial losses
Brand damage: data breaches can cause irreparable damage to your brand’s reputation
Data loss: breaches of sensitive personal and financial data breaks trust and compliance
Business downtime: cyber incidents disrupt business operations for hours, days or longer
Evolving threats: these cyber threats are constantly updating and changing, making it harder for businesses to protect against them.

We’re not just talking financial institutions here. Cyberattacks target myriad organisations and industries, both big and small. Recently, a UK vet company fell victim to a cyber incident; a malicious attack to access personal information.

The impact of a ransomware attack on The British Library in October 2023 was still evident in January 2024 with continued disruption to its service.

The UK government has also experienced cyber campaigns attempting to access details of MPs as well as voter data – around 40 million people’s information.

What can you do to minimize your risks of cyberattack?

We hate to break it to you but gone are the days when you simply download some anti-virus software and go about your day, safe in the knowledge that your files are protected.

Cyber threats are increasingly sophisticated and complex. So, more sophisticated services are needed to mitigate against the risks posed.

Mirus IT has developed Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) which detects and prevents cyberattacks by identifying suspicious behaviour. It’s an innovative cyber security service, designed to protect businesses from increasingly complex cyber threats.

What does EDR do?

Traditional antivirus software is reactive, only detecting known threats. There’s relatively little (if any) data collection for investigation. In contrast, EDR uses behaviour-based monitoring to detect both known and unknown threats. It undertakes complex, detailed endpoint data collection. Plus, there are various additional features to protect and benefit organisations – from advanced reporting to threat hunting.

The key benefits of Managed Endpoint Detection and Response cybersecurity services are:

Behaviour-based monitoring: detects and prevents cyberattacks by identifying suspicious or unpredictable behaviour
Expert protection: highly skilled cyber security analysts provide 24/7 response and remediation services
Fully managed solution: Mirus manages the EDR service in its entirety with no need for in-house resources from your organisation
Added features: further benefits include application monitoring, threat hunting capabilities, advanced reporting and incident response management.

Discover more about the benefits of EDR over traditional antivirus software.

How Mirus IT can help

Partnering with Mirus for your cyber security protection, enables you to stop worrying constantly about potential attacks. Leave our highly skilled, award-winning expert security professionals to provide around the clock surveillance, monitoring and remediation services.

Our managed EDR services are ideal for small and medium businesses. Tailored to your specific business needs and concerns, it will ensure your network’s monitored and protected around the clock. It removes the burden of cyber security from your in-house teams, placing it firmly in the safe pair of hands that is our expert security analysts.

Mirus IT is part of the Advania group. We hold an array of industry awards and accreditations for our exemplary services. You can trust our experts to protect your data and respond to threats swiftly and effectively.

Please get in touch with us to chat about your cybersecurity concerns.