Managed Print solutions to optimise and secure your business

Managed Print

Mirus provides Managed Print solutions that ensure your print environment is secure, efficient, effective and reliable – while helping you to reduce costs.

Your printers, copiers and multifunction devices are important tools within the workplace, which can become a problem if not effectively managed. At Mirus, we’ll ensure you gain the benefits without the burdens.

Professional management of your print environment

Our award-winning service engineers bring over 30 years of Managed Print knowledge and expertise to the table, so your small or medium-sized business is in good hands. With our free and comprehensive print assessment we’ll be able to develop the best print and document management solution for your business’s Managed Print requirements. And our ongoing maintenance service of your print devices means you’re always working at optimum efficiency.

Managed Print solutions that keep your costs under control

Looking to save money on your office printing? Manage your print costs by user, department or even ink type with simple-to-use software that keeps you in control. We provide fully scalable print management solutions for all your print, ensuring that you’ll never use more than you need.

Secure Print for total document security

Our Secure Print solutions will help you keep your documents confidential. Print security features, such as 2-Factor Authentication, ensure your paper copies will only ever make it into the right hands, and with software-level security on your Managed Print devices, you’re also protected from printer hacks and breaches.

Smart monitoring services keep you printing

Our Smart Monitoring solution means you need never worry about re-ordering printer consumables. We automatically dispatch toner when your device gets low, so you never run out.

Managed Print Device auditing for efficiency

We use powerful tools to analyse the current usage of print devices over a period of time. Based on our findings, we then provide you with recommendations on the best solutions to fit the needs of your business.

Stand-alone repairs and installations

Not every business needs a full managed print service, sometimes all that’s required is that an engineer is on call to fix your hardware (whether you bought it from us or not) and our maintenance-only service includes your consumables, labour, callouts, print and scan support and remote monitoring and billing. We can deliver same-day, on-site response for your print errors or breakdowns.

Flexible options for printer lease and ownership

As a Managed Print customer, you can choose to either purchase your print machines outright on a pay-per-print basis, or lease your printers over our 3-to-5 year leasing plan, plus maintenance contract. Whatever option you choose, our Managed Print solutions help you keep your options affordable.

Managed Print solutions that reduce costs and increase productivity

Mirus Print Management services help you to save money, increase productivity and enhance document security thanks to greater visibility and control of your printing. In fact, you can:

  • Lower your overall print costs by up to 40% (covering paper, consumables and power).
  • Enjoy 99.5% uptime (due to well-maintained equipment).
  • Increase staff productivity (by enhancing efficiencies and reducing downtime).
  • Strengthen security (for example, by securing documents until the authorised user is ready to collect them).

We will conduct an in-depth analysis of your print habits, processes, and infrastructure before offering a solution that is tailor-made to your business needs. This will include monitoring, managing, and optimising your full print output and reducing your environmental footprint.


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