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Stay connected wherever your work takes you, with Business Mobile and Telephony solutions from Mirus IT. We offer a wide portfolio of tariffs, networks and handsets to help you budget your business communications. Whether upgrading your existing mobile fleet or looking to save money on your business mobile, we’ll help you make the right call.

The latest in Apple and Android handsets

Whether your teams need full compatibility with your existing hardware or the latest version of their favourite smartphone, our selection of business mobile handsets is regularly updated with the newest models. With options for iOS and Android phones across Samsung, Huawei, Apple and more, we’ll suit your budget, infrastructure and preferences.

No need for new phone numbers

With our Number Porting service, you can keep hold of your existing service numbers while still benefitting from your new business mobile handsets, networks and tariffs. We’ll have your old numbers running on brand new devices within days.

Powered by major business mobile networks

For the best business mobile network coverage, deals and tariffs we’ll connect you with the best possible provider. Partnerships with vendors such as EE and Vodafone mean your business mobile solutions are delivered by names you can trust.

Competitive business mobile tariffs

It’s not just your mobile telephony we simplify – it’s your budget too. With manageable monthly costs and reliable network coverage from industry-leading providers, you’re getting trusted Business Mobile services at truly competitive rates.

The modern business workplace demands a mobile future

The Modern Workplace is flexible, inclusive and accommodates all-new ways of working. Your business mobile solutions are a key component of your future enterprise.

Our eBook Remote Working Successfully is free to download here, and further explores the importance of business mobile solutions.

work from anywhere

Custom, cost-effective Business Mobile Telephony

Our business mobile contracts provide plenty of options. The choice of tariffs, handsets and data limits is extensive and flexible, so whatever your favoured contract, handset or operating system, we’ll find the phones to fit your needs. With our ongoing support and your own easy-to-use admin software, Mirus Business Mobile Telephony solutions adapt seamlessly to your business operations.

The fast and flexible Horizon Portal

The easy to use Horizon Portal provides you with full control over your business mobile fleet. This cloud-based service ensures both users and admins have fully connected solutions, wherever they’re working from and on whatever device.

High-speed Business Mobile Broadband

The data you need, when you need it. High-speed mobile broadband ensures your resources, applications and network files are available almost instantly, and your phones are compatible with crucial business software such as Microsoft 365.

Full Mobile Security

Never go out unprotected. Our Mobile Security solutions let you connect in confidence via public networks and access your sensitive files – safe from the threats of hackers and data theft.

A Free Mobile Telephony Assessment

Our Business Mobile Telephony Assessment is delivered free and without obligation. Providing a full breakdown of your current calling costs, usage and devices, we’ll also outline the ways our technologies can cut time, costs and resources.

Make your business future flexible

The future workplace will be more mobile than ever – with long-distance workers, inclusive new software features and an ever-connected workforce. Is your company ready to face the future?

Our award-winning support has helped 1000s of businesses navigate home-working challenges and set them up for a faster, more flexible future. Mobilise your workplace, attract talent from further afield and provide all-encompassing customer service with our bespoke IT solutions.

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