Cyber Security and Compliance for your business

Long gone are the days when Cyber Security and Compliance was a ‘nice to have’. In a digital world, criminals have moved to the Cloud. Protecting your business from malicious attacks is no longer a commendable act, but an essential one.

We take your Cyber Security as seriously as you do

Your data is one of your most valuable assets as a business. Unfortunately, cyber criminals also know its value, and they are working 24/7 to identify vulnerabilities in your systems and exploit them. And it’s no exaggeration to say that the effects of inadequate cyber security and compliance planning could be devastating for your business. In the short term, cyber criminals can encrypt your data, lock out your users, infiltrate your entire business network and disable your virtual machines. In the longer-term, they can have a much more harmful effect to your business, and to your reputation.

Gain all-round assurance

You need assurance that your business is protected by standout Cyber Security and Compliance services. Whether engaging penetration testing, red teaming or ongoing managed services, we can offer peace of mind that award-winning teams, cutting-edge technologies and industry leading methods are guarding your business.

Remain compliant with regulations

Demonstrating a diligent and fit-for-purpose Cyber Security and Compliance strategy can be a requirement of regulations such as GDPR. It is also increasingly requested by insurers and other industry bodies. Engaging leading expert services evidences your commitment to security to your people, regulators and your customers.

Remove the legwork with Managed Services

Remaining ever-vigilant to cyber crime is a substantial task, especially for smaller businesses. Our CSOC (Cyber Security Operations Centre), and managed assurance services, scan your threat landscape 24/7 and provide regular evaluations, reports and suggestions. Leave the legwork to our experts and refocus your time on your core business priorities.

Complete your Security picture with Failsafe Backup

Unforeseeable events – from major disasters to minor mistakes – can hit any business at any time. Protecting your data with always-on backup is the best approach to mitigating their negative effects. Our experts at Mirus IT offer best-in-class backup solutions for your business.

Through industry leading technology from Datto, we can reduce complexity with automated backups. With near-instant data retrieval, make recovery from mishaps or major events as fast and painless as possible.

Explore leading Backup Solutions for your business


Cyber Security and Compliance solutions

When it comes to cyber crime, it is a matter of when, not if, your business will be targeted by malicious sources. At Mirus IT, we can provide the services you need to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals and their increasingly sophisticated tactics.  Cyber criminals and malware can take possession of your vital business data. They can cause downtime and disrupt continuity, making it impossible to do business. They can jeopardise your compliance with regulations such as GDPR.

More than this, an inadequate Cyber Security and Compliance strategy can expose holes in your planning and processes. This could cause your customers to lose trust in your business and damage your reputation beyond repair.

You may be looking for one-off penetration testing or red teaming to expose and remedy weak spots in your defences. Or you may need the ongoing support of a 24/7 managed cyber security service. Whatever your business needs, our skilled and award-winning cyber security teams are on hand to help.

Cyber Security Operations Centre

Preparation is the best form of defence when it comes to cyber crime. Our Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) can help you deploy the best defences for your business. Based in the UK, our CSOC uses sophisticated technologies and tactics to scan your threat landscape around-the-clock.

Operated by cyber security experts skilled in rapidly detecting intrusions, our teams will rapidly detect an intrusion or attack and analyse it based on a range of characteristics. Gain peace of mind that leading experts are working to guard your business 24/7/365.

Managed Assurance Services

Mitigate the risks of cyber crime with our Managed Assurance Services (MAS). MAS combines industry leading tools and expertise to increase your business’ resilience to cyber crime tactics. Opt for MAS to receive ongoing assessments, which provide an accurate picture of your vulnerabilities in context with the risks. We also deliver quarterly recommendations for improvements and can support in achieving your Cyber Essentials security certification.

Penetration Testing

Simply put, Penetration Testing is our way of conducting a thorough analysis of your company’s current cyber security tactics. Our award-winning penetration testing teams can attempt to steal your clients’ valuable data. Or they can try to gain domain administrator access or modify sensitive salary information. Using tried-and-tested methods, our approach ensures you will receive accurate, verified and repeatable results. Whatever the outcome, these tests are designed to uncover blind spots which we then report back on and help you to remedy.

Red Teaming

Test your businesses’ defences against cyber criminals with a simulated attack on your IT systems. At Mirus, we can engage skilled red teams, or experts with insider knowledge of cyber criminal tactics, and task them with the challenge of pushing your security systems to their limits. Our red team can execute a time-framed assessment, designed like a real-world attack. The objective of red teaming is to ensure your cybersecurity defences are as solid as possible, shielding your business from threats.

Cyber Security Assessments

A cyber security assessment can empower your business with an accurate picture of your current IT and cyber security setup. The assessments we offer pick up your current exposure points, offer advice on rectifying these and assess your approach against a range of threats, including hacking, viruses, malware, spam and phishing attempts. You can take the guesswork out of your critical IT security with our completely free cyber security assessments.

Enterprise Mobility + Security

Our Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) service offers the tools you need to protect your critical data across multiple devices, apps and locations. EMS enables you to add and remove devices on your network while controlling identity and access. EMS provides one portal for device and application management, straight from the cloud or on-premises. Retain granular control of permissions and implement identity-driven security to protect your sensitive information. This can include secure single sign-on, multi-factor authentication steps and risk-based access.

Your ideal Cyber Security and Compliance partner

Offer your people, regulatory bodies and clients the assurance they need that you are vigilant, diligent and compliant amid an ever-evolving threat landscape.  No matter the size of your business, our skilled, award-winning teams can provide the best-fit Cyber Security and Compliance solutions for you.


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