Protect your users with Identity and Access Management solutions

Technology and the ways in which people work are changing at an unprecedented rate. So is the way cyber criminals operate. It is now more important than ever to ensure that your business and your users are protected. At Mirus, we can deliver a range of Identity and Access Management security solutions to ensure you are protected on-premises, or in the Cloud.

Putting Identity and Access Management at the heart of your IT Infrastructure

Ensuring that your business has a carefully designed Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution at the heart of your IT operations is now critical, not just a nice to have. And you need to be able to do this, while ensuring that you can meet the demands of your users in delivering a seamless, uninterrupted, and secure experience across all your IT applications systems.

Holistic approach to Access Management

We’ll work with you to implement an IAM solution designed specifically to help you achieve a secure solution that can support all your apps, systems, and identities across your business.

Enable Strong Authentication across your business

Implementing an IAM and authentication solution will significantly reduce the risk of a critical security breach in your systems. We can work with you to deliver Multi-Factor-Authentication across all your devices and systems.

Monitor and audit access to your systems

IAM allows you to manage your identities efficiently and securely. Making sure only the right users have access to the right resources in your environment, you can audit critical assets while still ensuring productivity.

Cyber Security and Compliance services

We take cyber security very seriously. This is why we offer a range of Cyber Security and Compliance services to suit the needs of any business, no matter the size. Whether you are looking to undertake a regulatory penetration test of your core IT systems or applications; looking for support with the day to day running of your security infrastructure with a Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC); or looking to deploy core Microsoft Enterprise + Mobility technologies in your business; the Mirus team can help.

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Our IAM Approach is tiered to make it simple for your business

At Mirus we are conscious that every business is unique. And may be at various stages in their journey. This is why we have developed a tiered approach to delivering Identity and Access Management solutions, to make sure the IAM solution delivered is right in the context of your business requirements.

Secure your organisation’s identities with Azure AD Premium

Whether your business is looking at the initial stage integration of Active Directory identities with Azure AD or looking to make the most of your Azure AD Premium investment, our dedicated security consultants are here to support you. We understand the challenges that small to medium businesses face with identity integrations, and we will work with you to deliver value from your investment and drive forward an innovative identity and access management solution built with Azure AD.

And we don’t only work in the Cloud. If your business already has an on-premises IAM solution, we can work with you to bring in Azure AD, to allow you to manage your applications with the same level of control as cloud-based solutions.

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Integrate your identities in Office 365

Have you recently moved to Office 365? Integrating your on-premises Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) users with Azure AD is essential to establishing a smooth SSO (Single Sign On) process. We’ll work with you to scope and define how this works by delivering an Office 365 Identity Integration workshop to establish the correct ways to achieve a synchronised model for your Office 365 tenant.

We’ll support you with:

  • Identity and Access Management best practices in the Microsoft Cloud
  • Microsoft 365 identity model selection
  • ADD services
  • Single Sign On (SSO) with Azure AD and Office 365
  • Active Directory Federation services
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MYKI Password Manager

Your business manages countless credentials across its services, accounts and users every day – and as the number of unmanaged passwords rises, so too does the threat of a data breach.

MYKI Password Manager changes the way businesses secure their credentials. Using a hybrid model, MYKI Password Manager combines the security of offline password managers with the convenience of cloud-based ones, providing the most secure method of managing online accounts.

Crucially, MYKI is developed with the client and the service provider in mind; when you apply for MYKI with Mirus, we take care of the setup, distribution and management, while your sensitive data is stored safely outside the cloud.

  • Installed, monitored and managed consistently by Mirus
  • Highly detailed reporting that identifies weak passwords and login behaviours
  • User-friendly software interface for users and administrators
  • Secure installation outside the Cloud, significantly lowering the risk of data theft
  • Strengthen your first line of defence against the growing threat of cyber crime
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