Microsoft Teams - delivered by Industry Experts

As Microsoft experts, there’s no better IT Partner for your Microsoft Teams environment than Mirus IT. We’ll help you implement the right solution that makes remote working, communicating and collaborating a breeze, bringing your workplace, users and IT infrastructure together to create a productivity powerhouse.

Connect your people and your projects

For users of Microsoft 365 (formerly Microsoft Office 365), there’s no better way to bring the workplace together than Microsoft Teams. Developed with the modern workplace in mind, Teams helps users collaborate, communicate and coordinate their projects from anywhere in the world, all in real-time. Offering communication via chat, voice and video calls, full compatibility with all major Microsoft apps and a wealth of third-party software support, Teams is your go-to virtual workspace.

Microsoft 365 synergy

Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint… Whatever Office 365 apps you rely on, Microsoft Teams links seamlessly with them all, enabling saving, sharing and co-authoring from anywhere within the Cloud. With hundreds of other third-party apps also supported, you’ve got complete and effective control over your data and documentation.

Built for teamwork

Microsoft Teams puts your users first. From email, chat, video or VoIP, your users are empowered to work smarter, however they choose to keep in touch. Allowing for up to 10,000 users within a single group, MS Teams has more than enough capacity for your business’ collaboration and communication needs.

The best in SaaS Security

Protected by Microsoft’s best-in-class cloud security, Teams provides data loss prevention and sensitive file deletion tools for the  very best in SaaS security. For everything else, our Datto SaaS protection provides that extra insurance over accidental deletion or amendment.

Take control of tasks and training

With Microsoft Teams, your users can share screens and desktops and utilise the power of Microsoft Whiteboard for training and collaborative purposes, or make use of the Tasks function to help team leaders delegate actions to staff, track progress and update project journeys in real time.

We’re recognised by Microsoft as one of their top Product Ambassadors

As a certified Microsoft Partner, Mirus IT ensures your MS Teams environment is optimised for Outlook, Microsoft 365, Dynamics, SharePoint and Azure. With ongoing technical support from our dedicated service desk, you get Microsoft-approved support that’s among the best available – and puts our customers first.

Discover your productive potential

With Microsoft Teams, we’ll do more than change the way your users keep in touch; we’ll work with you to improve employee performance, provide adaptive new ways of working, and enable work to be done any time, from any place or device, as part of a revolutionary remote working setup.

Full file access

Files and folders are easily accessible by all users in Microsoft Teams, with all the appropriate security protocols in place. With integration for OneDrive, SharePoint and all major cloud services, you’re not limited by your choice of cloud storage provider, and accessing your files and folders is simple and safe.

Work smarter – not harder

Microsoft Teams is compatible with a host of apps and workflow systems, including Dynamics 365, making business-critical processes quicker and simpler. With our expert touch, you’ll spend more time perfecting your project delivery and less time sweating the small stuff.

Get Teams on any device, system or browser

We’ll ensure your Microsoft Teams environment works whatever your setup. From any smart device, across all major operating systems, we’ll keep everything running smoothly so that you always have access to the information you need. Not on your work device? We can secure your in-browser experience too.

New to Microsoft Teams?

Business success isn’t only about attracting clients – it’s about attracting the right talent. With Microsoft Teams, you can work with professionals from further afield in a single cloud-enabled environment, while its ever-expanding features list makes processes smoother and smarter.

With Teams’ cloud-enabled features, ease of access and always-online availability, it’s the perfect platform for the modern business, wherever they are in their journey.


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