Connectivity for your business

Competing in a digitally transformed world means your business needs to be connected, and stay connected. At Mirus IT, we understand that connectivity isn’t something you can leave ticking over in the background. It’s a key business function, which is worthy of careful consideration and regular evaluation. In the modern workplace, if your business is not online, it could be out of the game.

Establish a truly connected business

With flexibility key to doing business in a digital world, the ability to stay connected while on the move is vital. Keep your people, clients and service providers connected, communicating and equipped with standout business connectivity solutions. These include Business VoIP services, Internet, and instant chat and online meeting software, such as Microsoft Yammer and Teams.

Integrate your Business Connectivity services

Maybe you need a complete suite of new Business Connectivity products. Or perhaps you need to mix your current Microsoft suite with new services. Whatever your circumstances, we can help you combine existing connectivity solutions with the new to get the best from both.

Empower your people with reliable technology

For your business to flex to, and recover quickly from, business change and uncertainties, your people need the right technology to get online, stay connected and work from anywhere, quickly and easily. Equipping your teams with fast, headache-free Internet connections, mobile devices and the benefits of Business VoIP services can help keep your workforce happy and productive.

Protect your systems and communications with best-in-class cyber security

Your business IT systems are up-and-running and your communication tools are in place. But until you establish a failsafe and well-maintained cyber security strategy, your business is at risk. In a digital marketplace, criminals have moved to the Cloud and they know how valuable your data is. Protect your vital customer and employee data, not to mention your business reputation, with award-winning cyber security and compliance services.

Demonstrate your commitment to IT Security


Finding the perfect fit for your business

Although it seems like an everyday task, sourcing business connectivity services that work for you is not always straightforward. You have requirements that need thorough consideration. The size of your business, whether your workforce is on-site, remote or hybrid; and details such as the location of your premises, can all have an impact on which technologies and communications tools you should select. Add to this integration with your existing apps and hardware, ensuring devices are compatible and the need to remain within budget.

Seeking advice, services and ongoing support from an expert provider can provide you with assurance. Assurance that the business connectivity package you select is the best fit for your needs. More than this, that it is capable of keeping your business online, connected and performing at its best.

Delivering standout Business Connectivity solutions

Never before has business continuity been so essential. Not only to your customers and transactions, but to your increasingly mobile and agile workforce. Our skilled teams have years of experience in helping small and medium-sized businesses find solutions that work. We have developed a business connectivity portfolio to meet your technology needs perfectly.

Business Internet you can rely on

So universal that it is easily taken for granted, your business internet connection is the heart of your business operations, and finding the best business internet package for your requirements, size and people is vital. At Mirus, we offer a wide range of options to suit organisations of all types. From Small Business ADSL packages offering speeds of up to 20mb to multi-site solutions using secure MPLS. Alternatively, you can opt for cost-effective ethernet-first mile technology or quick-install WiMAX via rooftop antenna.

Stay connected at home or away

Uninterrupted communication with your people, whether at home or on the move, is essential to doing business. Our bespoke mobile telecoms services can be customised to your needs. They equip your remote or hybrid workforce with everything they need to remain efficient and productive. Connectivity with all major mobile phone networks comes as standard. We can also supply you with the latest handsets and offer ongoing support to manage them.

Enjoy the convenience of Hosted Business VoIP services

Upgrading your telephony system can deliver multiple benefits with our Hosted Business VoIP services. Enjoy the convenience of a managed call service at a lower cost than a traditional telephone exchange system. We handle the hardware for you and provide fast, effective support. This leaves your IT managers with administrative management and your people to control call handling, access their history, voicemails and recordings and personalise their settings.

High-standard, low-cost telephony

Controlling costs and accessing the best communication tools are two priorities for many small and medium-sized businesses. At Mirus, we can bring you the best of both worlds with low-cost telephony. With no need for additional hardware, your telephone numbers will be automatically transferred with no disruption. Choose from a range of lines and services and access lower line rental and call charges.

Expert services and outstanding support

Becoming a Mirus business connectivity customer does not end with service delivery. We are dedicated to accompanying all we do with outstanding support and customer service. With us as your technology partner, you can be sure everything is managed, monitored and running to your specifications.


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