Proud official IT Services Partner for the Northampton Saints

Northampton Rugby Club – more commonly known as The Saints – is one of the oldest, most fondly-regarded rugby clubs in the country. Their ambition to become the very best club across England and Europe means they require the very best IT Support and infrastructure – making Mirus their Official IT Services Partner of choice.

Mirus IT appointed Saints’ IT Services Partner

Northampton Saints joined with us back in January 2018 as part of a multiple year arrangement. Since then, we’ve provided an all-inclusive package to the Saints, encompassing desktop support right up to their back-end infrastructure, which includes monitoring and disaster recovery services.

This way, the club spends less time worrying about their resources and more time delivering success on the pitch.

In the words of Mark Darbon, the Northampton Saints CEO:

“We maintain our ambition to become the very best club in England and across Europe, and to do that we need to have the best support team and infrastructure possible. Mirus IT put a huge emphasis on making their all-round service second to none, and we are delighted to have them as our Official IT Services Partner for the next two-and-a-half years.

“Having a fast and reliable IT Service is absolutely vital for a company like Northampton Saints, as it is for any professional sports club.”

Julia Chapman the Northampton Saints’ Finance and Operations Director, explains what makes Mirus the perfect fit for the Northampton Saints’ IT needs.

Our 24/7 managed IT service is designed to support both the players and the Club’s support team. We monitor the club’s infrastructure daily to ensure everything’s running at its best, all while providing comprehensive security updates and implementing the club’s long-term IT plan.

Most recently, Northampton Saints added a Virtual Chief Information Officer to their Mirus package, providing them with an on-site CIO who can drive strategic IT change within the club.

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Since 2018, we’ve provided the Saints with award-winning:

  • Company-wide IT Managed Services
  • Desktop support services
  • Back-end infrastructure monitoring
  • Automated patching & security updates
  • Onsite support services
  • Disaster recovery services
  • IT strategy creation and implementation
  • Infrastructure reporting
  • IT procurement
  • Security monitoring


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