IT Security

Comprehensive Cyber Security that protects your business

No business can afford to ignore its IT or its cyber security in the modern world. IT security is no longer a simple matter, or a one-off check point, for businesses. It’s an ongoing consideration that needs to be part of your business strategy.

Comprehensive IT Security services

When it comes to providing IT Security for its clients, Mirus offers a comprehensive set of cyber security services and solutions, that protect against the increased threat of cyber attacks and threats. We can help manage some of the biggest IT security threats to your business, including targeted attacks, data loss or breaches, phishing, malware and viruses.

Protecting your IT Infrastructure from attack

We offer complete IT Security solutions to keep your business data secure in all scenarios. Protecting your business from outside attack is the first step in your defence. Our clients can choose from a range of services to protect their IT infrastructure and data, including firewall security, penetration testing services, always-on threat scanning, anti-virus software and recovery, security awareness training for users, and email security software.

Cyber Security and Compliance
protecting your it infrastructure from attack

Best-practice cyber security with Cyber Essentials

A Cyber Essentials certification helps your business take its first steps towards regulatory compliance, including GDPR, and ensuring you are protected against cyber threats. As a certifying body, Mirus IT offer three Cyber Essentials Certification options to suit your business, and your budget.

Designed by the Government to make it easier for your business to be protected, Cyber Essentials requires your organisation to implement basic hygiene measures, build upon them, and thereby significantly reduce your vulnerability to cyber attacks.

Cyber Security and Compliance
Best practice cyber security

Identity Access and Management

Your business manages countless credentials across its services, accounts and users every day – and as the number of unmanaged passwords rises, so too does the threat of a data breach. Ensuring your business has a secure, identity-driven environment means your sensitive information is protected, and your employees can work smarter.

Mirus provides a range of Identity and Access Management security solutions, that give you the control you need to secure your applications and networks, and enable a more productive and secure workplace.

Identity and Access
identity access and management

Disaster Recovery

You should feel confident that your applications and data are protected with a robust backup and business continuity solution, specifically designed to reduce the risk and time needed to manage backups.

You can count on the team at Mirus to deliver when mission critical data and systems are at stake. Whatever size your business, our backup and recovery solutions provide more than peace of mind, they provide genuine protection.

Backup and Disaster Recovery
disaster recovery

IT Security that puts your business first

At Mirus, we provide IT and cyber security solutions that will protect your business’ data and systems. As part of the Content+Cloud group, we are also able to offer additional systems and security protection, such as our state-of-the-art Security Operations Centre and Vulnerability Scanning services. Whatever your needs, big or small, Mirus and the Content+Cloud group has a managed cyber security solution to help keep you protected.

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