Hosted VoIP solutions that cut call costs

Mirus IT’s Hosted Voice solutions take your business VoIP further – and keep the cost of calling lower. We can deploy a VoIP solution that turns your business phone setup into a communications powerhouse. Whether calling in-house or overseas, out of office or on-premises, our VoIP solutions ensure your business’ voice is always heard.

Optimised, customised Business VoIP solutions

Manage call volumes, costs and customers with a tailored telephony solution. Our Hosted Voice solutions are installed to your standards and evaluated for maximum performance. Whether you’re seeking to cut call costs, shorten customer waiting times, or mobilise your fleet of business phones, our experts work tirelessly for demonstrable results with a free and comprehensive business VoIP assessment.

Exacting standards, perfect flexibility

Our VoIP software is as flexible as it is easy to use. Your business can control costs, monitor volumes and analyse your incoming and outgoing calls. Whatever your needs, our ongoing technical support means you needn’t handle anything single-handedly.

In-depth analytics keep you in the loop

Incoming, outgoing, off-peak and overseas: your every call is accounted for with always-on, real-time analytics. Learn more about the duration, cost and nature of your calls, make tactical amendments to your call processes and improve your VoIP strategy with easy-to-read analytics.

Confidential, secured calling

Like all Mirus solutions, our Hosted VoIP solutions for business are implemented with security in mind. You can call customers, suppliers and your team with full confidence that your line is secure and your calls are confidential. All Mirus VoIP deployments have security as standard, and are protected by the best VoIP security and SBP firewalls available.

Mobilise your business phones

Take your office numbers out on call with dedicated VoIP Software for mobiles. No need for new numbers, no service disruptions – our number porting moves existing numbers for you. Wherever you or your users are, you’ll always be in touch.

Complete VOIP control

The easy to use Horizon Portal provides you with full control over your hosted VoIP solutions. Available in-house or in the Cloud, your business VoIP features are available from anywhere at any time.

Capital cost reduction

Without the need for a large PBX (telephone exchange system, such as a server) the cost of your entire business VoIP system is made much more manageable.

Call recording

Record inbound or outbound calls for compliance, customer service or audit purposes. This optional feature allows secure online access to set Horizon to record some calls, all calls or record calls on demand.

Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant offers callers call routing options for different areas of the business – or you can create announcements for details such as opening hours and website address when the office is closed.

protecting your it infrastructure from attack

Free Telephony Assessment

Our Business VoIP Assessment is delivered free and without obligation. Providing a full breakdown of your current VoIP costs and usage, we’ll also outline the ways our technologies can cut time, costs and resources.

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