Why Teams Voice is your answer to the Big Switch Off

Why Teams Voice is your answer to the Big Switch Off

It’s time to hang up the landline. The UK telephone network’s going digital. Are you ready for the ‘Big Switch Off’?

What is the Big Switch Off?

At the end of 2027, the UK’s old phone network will be switched off. The copper network, which has served us pretty well since its creation in the late 19th century, is due to be switched off completely in late 2027.

Back when it was created, we were reliant on female telephone operators to connect one party to another. Things have certainly moved on.

Fast forward to the 21st century and mobile phones and broadband networks have exceeded landlines. Our communication needs are vastly different from those of the Victorian times, yet the old copper network has remained largely the same.

So, just like how kids grow out of making phone calls between two cups and a piece of string and onto a smartphone, it’s time for the UK phone network to transition from the old-style network to a new digital one.

Out with the old – what is traditional telephony?

The copper phone network that’s delivered analogue landline phone services for centuries is known as the public switched telephone network (PSTN). The intention is for that to be switched off completely in late 2027.

BT will stop using it by December 2025, when telephony will be offered digitally exclusively. This change in provision isn’t just happening in the UK. It’s already been implemented in The Netherlands and Estonia. Many countries worldwide are also rolling out these changes too.

In with the new – what are modern alternatives?

Digital voice services will replace landlines using broadband networks instead of the traditional phone lines. This digital telephony is called Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) or it can be referred to as Digital Phone or Digital Voice.

Fibre-optic networks have been replacing the old copper ones in recent years. They offer faster speeds, more reliability, better resilience and they’re easier to maintain.

Digital phone services offer more advanced options too. You could make multiple calls simultaneously, add other people to a call and enjoy clearer sound.

Why Teams telephony is the simple solution
You’ll find many providers offering landline alternatives. But we believe that Microsoft Teams Telephony is the simplest, and most robust, solution for small to medium businesses.

We asked Aaron Jones, a Teams telephony expert at Mirus’ sister company, Sipcom to explain Teams telephony. He says,

“Microsoft classifies telephony in different ways. There’s audio and video. When it comes to telephony, that’s classified as ‘Voice’. If you need to call a mobile or another phone number, that’s where Teams telephony comes in via Teams Phone.”

You may be familiar with video calls with Microsoft Teams. But you can make calls to phones as well by simply typing in the number on a keypad using Teams Phone. It’s that simple!

Here are more reasons why Microsoft Teams is the simple solution for SME businesses:

Unified, single solution

It’s likely you’re already using Microsoft Teams as a collaborative communication tool. So, why not take the next step by converging telephony with that too? Then you’ll have a single application for everything. As Aaron Jones explains, “You’re no longer constrained by working in one tool and communicating in another. Now, you can use one single tool for everything.”

Advanced features

Teams Phone goes beyond simple one-to-one calls. Voicemail, call forwarding, ring back, and call queues are just some of the additional features available. You can even transcribe calls so you can focus on what’s being said without having to take notes.

Hybrid models are available

If you want to continue with your legacy telephony contract for now, you can. Perhaps you have an ongoing contract with a communications provider, but you’re still keen to enjoy the benefits of Microsoft Teams.

Mirus’ sister company, Sipcom has created a clever platform, Halo, which integrates other products with Microsoft Teams. You can BYO trunk or carrier for example. That enables you to do a slow, controlled migration where the two systems co-exist for the duration of your legacy contract.

Enhance your existing Microsoft licence

For customers that have an existing E5 licence, you already have access to Microsoft Teams Phone and can start to utilise it. Others may be using other aspects of Microsoft Teams but want to incorporate telephony into their business toolkit.


One of the limitations of a landline is its limited range. Teams telephony can be downloaded and used via a mobile device. If you’re away from your desk, working from home or out at meetings and events, you can still be contactable. This added flexibility can boost staff morale.

Easy to use

Microsoft Teams is intuitive to use, and the telephony aspect is equally straightforward. Enabling employees to work with one multi-functional tool rather than constantly switching between applications is an efficient, streamlined approach.

Simple to implement

Switching on Microsoft Teams telephony can be very simple. More complex businesses may require a bit more work, but we’ll make sure it’s a frictionless process. Chat to a Mirus expert to determine whether your business falls into the former or latter category. We’ll have you up and calling with little disruption to your business.

Discover more compelling reasons to opt for Microsoft Teams Telephony

Are you ready to switch off the old and switch on Microsoft Teams telephony?

Microsoft Teams is a proven, simple solution for businesses. Be prepared for ‘the big switch off’ and find your best communication platform moving forward. We’ve found that Microsoft Teams provides a seamless experience for employees, enabling them to perform their roles efficiently and effectively.

If you’re still contracted to a legacy system, we can support that whilst introducing the new Teams telephony benefits. Let our Mirus IT experts help you to futureproof your business communications with the best Microsoft Teams options for you. Let’s talk.

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