What is IT Support and why do you need it?

What is IT Support and why do you need it?

Information technology: it’s essential to any modern business, but its rapid evolution and growing complexity can bewilder all but the brightest tech experts.

That’s why many businesses trim back the technical troubles with dedicated IT support.

The world of IT support has evolved into a fast-paced and complex sphere of cutting-edge skills and real-time problem solving. As such, it’s become the key component to many successful businesses across multiple industries.

Consider your company’s every technical solution. You’re running a rich and intricate web of networks, print devices, software and hardware – and somewhere down the line, they’ll all need to rely on one another. While you might depend on your separate hardware or software providers for ongoing technical support, you can also save on time and money with a dedicated support team, covering them all from top to bottom.

That’s exactly what an IT support provider delivers; a single point of contact for any and all technologies, managed by a professional team that knows your systems best.

Often referred to as a Manager Service Provider, or MSP, your IT support team can deliver the tech you need, over the entirety of your company. They’ll implement all your IT, Cyber Security, Cloud, Remote Working, Print, Telephony and Connectivity requirements into one cohesive whole, and deliver them under a comprehensive service agreement that outlining their committed service standards each month.

While much of this service happens in the background – letting you focus more on your company strategy – your service provider will also deliver personal consultancy services: working with you on your IT strategy, preparing solutions for your projected growth, and providing bespoke technologies for your business.

Cyber Security is a leading concern

Year after year, business leaders list Cyber Security as a leading business concern. Therefore an effective provider will be able to match your setup with the most appropriate security solutions, not only installing them across your entire infrastructure, but taking on the responsibility for their maintenance and upkeep.

For companies managing sensitive or personal data, an IT support provider can also help them reach the standards of the Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus qualifications. Approved by the UK government, these qualifications assure business owners – and their clients – that their data is handled by trusted Cyber Security standards. See this government report on Cyber Security breaches.

Cost-effective IT Support

Outsourcing IT Support is often a cost-effective way to keep everything running smoothly, without affecting the overall structure of an organisation; perfect for companies experiencing business growth. Most importantly, it’s all proportionate to the needs of the company; they may be providing a service in the case of an emergency, specialising in a single IT solution, or maintaining an ongoing relationship, with a wide-reaching role in a client company’s infrastructure.

Wherever a company is in their business journey, or whatever their size and structure, an IT provider helps them make their next step through the use of IT strategies and solutions. In our constantly connected and tech-dependent world, they’re an invaluable enabler of business growth.

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